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Vistas of Carrion by Matthew M. Bartlett - Softcover Edition

Vistas of Carrion by Matthew M. Bartlett - Softcover Edition

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Vistas of Carrion by Matthew M. Bartlett - Softcover Edition

Edition of 300x copies - 109x are available for sale


* 6" x 9"

* 350 pages

* Smyth-sewn binding

* Cover art by Kim Jakobsson

* Offset printed on archival acid-free paper



Vistas of Carrion contains forty-seven short stories and uncanny transmissions written by Matthew M. Bartlett, each part and parcel of the unique world of his fiction. The entries explore the profane streets and environs of Leeds, Massachusetts, or journey into arcane and unknown blasphemies beyond it. The omnibus contains both beloved entries from Bartlett’s oeuvre and previously uncollected treasures.

The contents span a gamut of lengths and styles, from the sinister brevity of flash fiction pieces like “The Land of Leeds” to the lingering dread of longer narratives like “Gaspar.” This omnibus, published by Chiroptera Press, showcases Bartlett's formidable imagination and distinctive voice. It is little wonder that horror writer Laird Barron names Bartlett “the legitimate heir to Ligotti, Aickman, and the other giants of weird fiction.”

Each of the pieces in this generously sized collection immerses the reader a world where the line between the macabre and the mundane is deliciously blurred. Bartlett’s fiction doesn’t just unsettle—it sticks the knife in and twists with a grin, with a chuckle in the dark. Vistas of Carrion cements Bartlett’s reputation as one of the most singular and important authors of contemporary horror fiction.

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