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Michigan Basement by Thomas Ligotti and Brandon Trenz - Softcover edition

Michigan Basement by Thomas Ligotti and Brandon Trenz - Softcover edition

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Michigan Basement by Thomas Ligotti and Brandon Trenz



Limited softcover edition of 500x copies - 109x copies are available

As a child, Jeffrey could see nachtwachers, or night watchers, moving in the corners of his bedroom -- and his mother didn't deny their existence ...  While he managed to suppress his fear of the dark and what lurks there, enough of it lingered to direct him toward the study of anthropology under the sinister Dr. Rekalde, who assures him that reality is an illusion.  

Jeffrey and his partner Jean, both struggling young academics, are drawn by Rekalde's oblique invitations to the sort of town all readers of Ligotti will recognize at once.  Skinner is a crummy, run-down little place in the middle of nowhere, a place that seems barely real, and that hides a terrible secret: the night watchers.

For the Ligotti reader, Michigan Basement was nothing more than a rumor, a film script that may or may not have ever existed. Chiroptera Press is proud to bring to print for the first time, a missing piece of the Thomas Ligotti library, Michigan Basement. Our edition includes a brand new Introduction by co-writer Brandon Trenz and art by Dave Felton. Available in a limited signed deluxe edition and standard paperback.


* 6"x 9"

* 212 pages

* Offset printing

* Smyth-sewn binding 

* New Introduction by Brandon Trenz

* Art by Dave Felton

As an added bonus, we're including a brand new zine we're calling Nightlands.

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