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Pictures of Apocalypse by Thomas Ligotti

Pictures of Apocalypse by Thomas Ligotti

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Pictures of Apocalypse by Thomas Ligotti

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Chiroptera Press is proud to publish Pictures of Apocalypse, a new work by horror legend Thomas Ligotti. A stylistic successor to previous efforts such as I Have a Special Plan for This World and This Degenerate Little Town, this volume is a cycle of lyric and narrative poems that share the common theme of what Ligotti designates as the Great Going from both individual and collective perspectives. In his introduction to the forenamed collection, Ligotti considers what purpose is served when we “wallow” in representations of the end of things—as, of course, we have throughout our existence as a sentient species—a query that complements that posed in his book The Conspiracy against the Human Race, namely, “Is being alive all right?” Richly illustrated throughout with illustrations by Jonathan Dennison, Pictures of Apocalypse expands upon and updates a signature theme that is developed throughout Ligotti’s writings, one which may be justly described as the wrongness of being.   



* Paperback 

* 2nd edition of 500x copies 

* 6"x 9"

* 104 pages

* Smyth-sewn binding

* Offset printed

* French style cover flaps 


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